Company History

Launched in 2010, Sponsorship IQ is a boutique and independent sponsorship brokerage and consultancy agency.

We try to keep things simple by remaining ‘on the ground’, keeping in regular contact with brands in the market place that see sponsorship as a key component of their marketing campaign. By getting a live understanding of who they wish to target and what they wish to achieve with their target market, we have already achieved some sizeable deals for event management clients where the sponsor, event company and visitor have benefited from the arrangement.

We work with a limited number of non-conflicting event management clients that generally fall within our key pillars of premium, consumer exhibitions and festivals, often in the food, wine, health and wellbeing, building and renovating space. Director James Cregeen, offers his experience and a direct contact service to the various teams.

We have had the privilege of working with a broad range of (often) global event management clients that run National food and wine events or festivals, building and renovating events and also other National non main-stream sporting properties, current and launch events that focus on health and wellbeing and other niche, often country focussed consumer events or festivals. More information on our clients can be found in the ‘Clients’ section.