The brand

Our service

Fundamentally, we link an event company, the visitor and you to form a mutually beneficial sponsorship. We help you build an emotional connection with your target market, ultimately leading to a change in the behaviours and perceptions towards your brand.

Our broad portfolio of events can cater for your ongoing brand objectives or product launches.

We also specialize in launch events new to the Australian market place.

Getting Started

We take a no fee brief from you on your current objectives, needs and wants for the brand and put forward events that are a potential match. If our existing portfolio of events does not meet your objectives we will endeavour to find you some alternatives.


1. Free up your time to further leverage and develop your existing sponsorships.

2. We can negotiate with the event company a sponsorship that is bespoke, and suits your exact budgetary and brand requirements.

3. We work directly with the event organizer to suggest leverage and activation ideas and ways in which your involvement can enhance the visitor experience.

4. We put pressure on the event organizer to ensure your return on investment (ROI) and objectives (ROO) are met, and ideally exceeded.

Ultimately, our aim is to assist in a long standing and progressive sponsorship with the event organizer.