The Event Company

Our Service

We marry briefs from brands we have relationships with to ensure the sponsorships formed work for them, you and the visitor. Our proactive and can do attitude means you can focus your energy on running the event and leave sponsorship to us.

Our objective is for you to acquire and grow an integrated relationship with a suitable sponsor that enhances the experience for your visitor and offers much needed support for your event. We are happy to work as an external member of your team bringing creative and commercial expertise taking responsibility for your sponsorship target, work as an ‘extra pair of hands’ to supplement your existing sales team or put commercial infrastructure in place with sponsors for your launch or niche event.

Sponsorship Acquisition

We will analyse the target market and nature of the events you require sponsors for and approach a highly targeted list of potential sponsors. We then work with you and the brand to produce a fully integrated sponsorship that will get results.

Sponsorship Consultancy

If you are unsure where or how you can achieve additional revenue streams for your events, we can identify these areas and if required, go on to secure the additional funds.

We can assist with existing sponsors, as well as leverage and promotional ideas. We are able to create or improve your proposals, enhancing the efficacy of your efforts.